You make a plan to meet up with your friends to show off the latest and greatest smartphone that youe just spent a small fortune on. Taking it out for all to view, you hit the power button. Nothing. In a mere few hours since buying the mobile device, the operating system used on the [...]

The folks who make the iPhone 6 must not be butterfingers. Otherwise the iPhone 6 would have been designed like this silicone case from the BONE Collection. Dozens of grippy raised bubbles help keep your iPhone 6 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Screen Protector securely in your hand or pocket. And for even more insurance, install [...]

Google Nexus 8 is not the gadget for those, who love to look unique or want to play games but it is also the best gadget for the artists. You will be amazed to know that there is a wide collection of apps, which can be handy for stop motion as well as for animation. [...]

Apple has made claims that the Google Nexus 8 battery life will provide more talk time when compared to the original Google Nexus 8 battery life, however, the standby time will be worse on the new Google Nexus 8. It all depends on what you are planning on using the phone for in order to [...]

Manufacturers of Google Nexus 8 cases have welcomed the introduction of these high end phones because it has given them the golden opportunity to come up with many accessories that sell like hot cakes. Google Nexus 8 cases are needed to protect the phones from wear and tear. These are made from a diverse range [...]

If you have an iPhone 6, chances are that you are also excited about an unending range of iPhone 6 cases and accessories that you can find not just in the Apple store, but also across a wide variety of other sites. Now you can order for high iPad Mini 3 Folio quality cases that [...]

With Apple releasing its new Google Nexus 8, most of its innovations developed to satisfy the needs of the individual users also apply to enterprises throughout the world. Now it’s the turn for a CIO and IT department to get prepared for this new smartphone release, and especially for a certain challenge: coming mobile enterprise [...]

Now that you’ve made the decision to get Verizon’s iPhone 6, your next step is to protect your phone and dress it up in a great case. Cases and covers for the iPhone 6 are not only functional, but they can be fun and funky, too. Cover Your Investment- Just in Case Your new Verizon [...]

The iPhone 6 are the most famous of all the smart phones in the market. This is because of the fact that the cell phones came in with the best smart phone technology in 007. Apple made it sure that the users know about their needs the way Apple wanted. This created a perfect market [...]

This is a modern age. The age demands technology at its latest and best form. The introduction latest technology in every other day has left the modern man bewildered. Often people complain about the difficulty in using the latest technology the right way. Practice and knowledge are the key factors here. One needs to gain [...]